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This site is purely informational. We aim to create a place where artists can chowcase their work and consumers can find it. Please email any information to as we will keep making improvements.

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We are a non profit organization seeking to educate people with artistic talent about how to make it as an artist.

The Contemporary Artist

Contemporary artists come from all over the world and q has a good supply of them.  These artists have a passion for exploring things new.  Many of the things you see that just make you say, “WOW!” are items created by a contemporary artist.

What is Contemporary Art

Contemporary art simply means that it is produced in your lifetime because contemporary means current.  Now, with that said, contemporary can mean different things to different people.  For example, someone 100 years old has a different subset than someone 3 years old.

Due to United States demographics and art history, it is safe to say anything produced after 1970 is contemporary.  Does that mean all the pressed wood furniture at Wal-Mart is contemporary?  Yes, but that’s not our idea of a good contemporary piece.  Our goal is to help people find and appreciate good contemporary and modern art.

Modern art is actually older than contemporary art.  The modern art time period is from the late 1800s up to the 1960-1970s.  This confuses a lot of people because they think in their mind, “What can be more recent than modern?”

Old versus New

Would you rather buy an old 1700 colonial home or a brand new home with sophisticated computers and flat screen television?  This is an analogous to being an artist.  Would you rather have something produced by a living artist that is special for you or would you rather buy something historically old with history behind it.

People that like to be innovative and want something new unique and different must turn to modern or contemporary artists.  Why?  They are the only people creating new and unusual items.


Picking Out Art

It’s true that if you pick the right items they will not only retain value, but go up in value.  The items that retain their value the best are usually of the highest quality and produced in somewhat limited supply.  I say somewhat because the piece or artist needs to have some kind of following for value to retain.

There is going to be a lot of designs that don’t catch on.  When you go with something classical, you know of a piece that has stood the test of time.  Contemporary items do not have this luxury.  However, if you are good at picking out art pieces you will have a truly unique collection that will go up in value and be enjoyed.

Joy of Creation

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There is a divine human need to connect with others.  Happiness is real when shared.  The artist who can get in this realm can make people feel really connected.

When you find the right piece a part of you will feel different inside.  It will be like the artist is giving a bit of light to you. And, for a small fee, you can buy his creation.  This makes is so the artist can continue to do what they love.  In each transaction, two lives are blessed.

You simply can not create without being in contact with your self or your source.  Many artists are known for being a little bit different.  This is because they are seeking to follow their inner voice instead of the societal norms.  This also makes them a good artist because they are more likely to be connected to source.  It doesn’t make it easy to be an artist, but there is a joy that can’t be bought.

Design Mediums

Much of what we have today are paintings, oil or watercolor, on canvas and sculptures created out of clay or metal.  However, what many contemporary artists are doing is going more natural.  You might find real pieces of driftwood on the beach incorporated into the piece.

The other cool thing being done in these mediums is the bright colors.  Older classical designers didn’t often have access to the same resources as contemporary artists.  For this reason, many of the pieces are vibrant with striking contrasting colors.  Since one of the most important rules of home interior decorating is to bring in color, then contemporary art is often the preferred choice.  Have you ever heard not to paint your walls white?  This is because it is so boring.  Designers will ask you first and foremost, “What are the colors you like?”  The mistake people often make is to paint the walls white and add in colored accessories.  No, no, no.  The walls need color too.

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